Main Street Book Series

If you are 7-11 years old, you will love the Main Street Books! Tip: Read the books in order! The first book is Welcome to Camden Falls! Welcome to Camden Falls

Snowy Owl Puzzle

This is a snowy owl puzzle.I will be posting about birds for a week or two because of the bird-watching challenge. Go to for more jigsaw puzzles!

Save The Red Panda!

The red panda has been endangered for a long time because its population is less than 10,000 individuals. Although red pandas are protected by national laws in some of their countries, their numbers in the wild continue to minus mainly due to habitat loss. They have reddish-brown fur, and their …

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Sledding in Flagstaff

The first & second time we went sledding in Flagstaff we went on a small sledding hill. But the last time… we went on a very steep hill. My mom went on with my sister on the hill, and my mom face planted my little sister. 

How to make a sachet

Ingredients: Cinnamon Sticks, Lemon rinds, 10 by 10 piece of felt Add the cinnamon sticks and lemon rinds into the felt. Tie with a rubber band. Give as a present or keep it.

The biggest roasting stick I ever seen!

When I was camping- at the fire I found the biggest roasting stick. I measured it and it was more then 8 inches!  It took 3 people from our camp to carry it to roast it.  I thought that was very funny.

Monsieur Lord’s Shop of Wonder

Monsieur Lord’s Shop of Wonder Once upon a time, there was a boy named Langoustine. This peculiar boy lived in London, not to far up Paris, in an old trailer.  He was only 3; he was bold when both of his parents died, with nobody to take care of him.  …

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How to make a crystal

Ingredients:1 tablespoon Epson Salt , 1/4 cup of warm water, a pie tin,a bowl, mixing spoon and a few drops of food coloring. Directions: Put 1 tablespoon Epson salt in a bowl.  Pour 1/4 cup of warm water in the bowl. Mix until the salt is dissolved.  Put in food coloring.Mix.  Pour in …

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The Pro Rodeo with a stampede!

It was so fun.  I have pictures of some of the stuff there.  Also, you can see a movie of Mutton Bustin (kids riding sheep)! from last year’s rodeo.  Sheep and Bulls knock people off there! The biking race. Miss Rodeo AZ. Stampede! A rider. Miss Rodeo America. For more …

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