I am FINALLY going to Disneyland for the first time. We are taking our cousin with us. She is nice,and she is always cheerful. It will be so much fun going to Disneyland with her! I can go on all the rides. I will probably like Indiana Jones best. It is not as scary as Space Mountain,but it may be a little scary.

Can you give me some advice?

First:I think it is the best ride!

  1. Do they have good room service?
  2. Do they have installed elevators?
  3. Do you have to cook your food, or do you have to buy it?
  4. What is your favorite ride?
  5. What ride do you think is the most fun?
  6. What ride do you think is the most dangerous?
  7. What ride is the longest?
  8. How long is the drive from Orange County to Disneyland?
  9. Are there any rides that were not fun?

Thank you! I really appreciate it.