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In 2010, at the age of 6, Lucy established The Kid Story to showcase her beloved books, crafts, and games. Lucy is now a college student at Vanderbilt University! Over the past few years, her younger sister has taken on the responsibility of updating, refining, and improving the site. We endeavor to keep the links, resources, and referenced websites up-to-date, and we hope you continue to find it a valuable tool in your journeys with your gifted children and students.

Butterfly Habitat – Great For All Ages

butterfly garden for gifted kids

This holiday season, if you’re searching for a toy that will captivate the mind of that gifted child in your life, look no further than the Painted Lady Butterfly Kit! With its ability to engage curiosity, foster scientific exploration, and encourage creativity and responsibility, this kit is an ideal choice …

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2024 Math Competitions for Gifted Students

Many gifted children and teens have a natural aptitude in math, but many parents and teachers of high ability math learners find that it can be a challenge to keep these children and teens engaged and excited about math. Gifted math students who are often light years ahead of the standard …

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5 Study Tips for Gifted Children

Study Planner Gifted Kids

Organization Use a planner.  I always write ‘TEST DAY’ on the actual day of the test in my planner, and it also helps to use a color-coding method (red for due tomorrow, yellow for in a few days, green for a few weeks away.) Create a “study plan”. In your notebook …

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Labs for Gifted Children – At Home and Easy!

Rock Candy Lab You will need: A wooden skewer A clothespin 1 cup of water 2-3 cups of sugar A tall narrow glass or jar What to do: Clip the wooden skewer into the clothespin so that it hangs down inside the glass and is about 1 inch (2.5 cm) …

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3 Apps to Make Your Own Video Games

This is an example of a Flowlab tutorial level using the Flowlab developing app.

Have your students ever played Minecraft, Fallout, or Halo and curious how the developers made it? I’m going to show you 3 video game apps to make your own video games. Also – GameSalad and Flowlab have teacher and classroom options. Top 3 Apps To Create Your Own Video Games GameSalad ( lets …

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Best Educational Apps for Gifted Children

ABC Mouse App ABC mouse is a paid online website and app for children ages 2-13. Engage in reading, math, science, and art at the grade level and pace you need. Khan Academy Khan Academy can help challenge accelerated gifted students at the appropriate grade level and interest. Whether you …

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