Gifted Baby? Milestones of Our Gifted Newborn

Gifted newborn baby eye contact
One hour after birth

Are you wondering, “Is my baby gifted?” As a parent of a (formally identified as gifted at age 5) baby, I was constantly thinking, “Wow.  This does not seem typical for a baby!” Back when Lucy was born, there were not nearly as many resources available to help answer many of my burning questions. Since the incidence of exceptionally and profoundly gifted occurs rarely in the population, there was not really anyone around who can relate.

Following are some of the completely unscientific observations and stories of Lucy’s milestones leading up to her first birthday.  In retrospect, it seems to me that there were very early indications of giftedness – even in utero. Lucy was identified as exceptionally gifted.

Notable Pregnancy and Birth Events

During pregnancy I was nearly in tears on many occasions with the incessant kicking and activity going on in my tummy. 

I recall one particularly difficult day around 6 months gestation where I was thinking after 5 hours of nonstop kicking and moving, “Please go to sleep, I need to work!” She didn’t even wait to be born before impacting my schedule. I could not go to sporting events or anywhere loud, as she would kick nonstop until the noise ended.

Birth – 1 Month Old

Two week old gifted baby

Both of my children were born via a drug-free, midwife-assisted natural childbirth.

  • Both children were breastfed until 9 months of age.
  • Within hours of birth, both of my children made direct eye contact with maternity ward nurses – with several nurses claiming that they turned their heads to follow the nurses voices, and even smiled at them.  The nurses were convinced that they were truly smiling – we were something of a celebrity in the maternity floor during both births!
  • From birth to 1 month, both of my children were extraordinarily alert, always looking around and making eye contact with family and friends.
  • We had about a 5 day “honeymoon” period after birth to get sleep, after that period Lucy only napped about 20-30 minutes twice per day. Less sleep in infancy seems to be a key sign of giftedness in infancy.
  • Both children were photographed between 14 – 21 days old with HUGE happy social smiles and direct eye contact in response to Mom’s gleeful prompting. The average age of the first social smile is 6-8 weeks.
  • Lucy was VERY sensitive to noise at birth.  She would be visibly shaken and begin to cry over sudden noises (ice maker on fridge), and was extraordinarily aware of her surroundings. She resisted napping and needed constant stimulation.
  • Very advanced motor skills and strong head control. Both of my kids held their heads up within the first 1-2 weeks of age. Holding head up during tummy time at 3-4 weeks.
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