Is My 2 Year Old Child Gifted?

Following are a list of the notable achievements Lucy accomplished in her second year. Most of these were logged at 30 months of age, or about 2 1/2 years old.

2 Year Old Gifted Child Milestones

  • Reading 4-6 word sentences with ease with no formal instruction
  • Sounds out words like McDonalds using syllables “Mc” “Don” “alds!” and repeats, “McDonalds!”
  • Reads almost everything at grocery store
  • Seems to play well with older children (4-5) at the park.
  • Learned to read the 50 states and all of their capitals in a few weeks
  • Reads street signs constantly, “That says Cave Creek Mommy!!”  Interestingly, she will continue to repeat herself until I or whomever she is talking with responds.  I now know that this was an attempt to get constant feedback for her achievements!
  • Learning to read countries
  • Continuation of word puns – “Gram” for Grandma, “Furb” for Furby, “Mompy” or “Mompit” for Mom, “Dat” for Dad (these two have been out of use for awhile, she was doing these before 2 years), or “tard” for Leotard.
  • Humorous in funny ways, I ask, “Are you mommy’s little girl?” and the response is “No.. I’m mommy’s little boy” with a smirk/laugh
  • Regularly uses complex sentences, “I need to go to the store and get doughnuts”
  • Enjoys playing early board games
  • Still extremely energetic
  • Teases mom and others with semi-negative comments, “I don’t like mommy” and then runs over and says, “Ohhhh, not nice” and kisses me without prompting.
  • Always concerned about us being angry if we are even the slightest bit “off” in our tone, “You’re not angry?!”
  • Counts to 40 or 50 – haven’t worked on this really, but likes to count things around her or on her fingers
  • Seeks out ANYTHING with written words and always asks, “What does that word say” when she doesn’t know

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