Best Board Games For Gifted Children

And why board games are essential for every gifted kid

Most kids love games, but gifted kids REALLY LOVE games. My kids in particular really love board games, and can get quite competitive. It takes practice, though, to win and lose with grace. Gifted kids are often high achievers and very accustomed to being “the best”.

Gifted kids often climb the academic ladder with ease and consume books meant for kids years older. Yet, this gift can create an unrealistic expectation that they should win at everything. Remember, these kids don’t have a ton of practice at “losing”, so board games can help foster incredibly important life skills.

As any parent can attest, no one like a sore loser. Being unable to accept loss gracefully can rapidly push peers away and contribute to social struggles that gifted children with asynchronous development already experience.

  • Board games can help gifted children practice social interaction with peers, siblings, and parents. With board games, kids experience both winning and losing, and practicing the art of winning with empathy and losing with grace is an important life skill.
  • Board games can help instill patience and the art of conversation. Many gifted children struggle with impatience and get frustrated quickly. Just sitting together (without phones!) can be an important tool in regulating these emotions.
  • Board games help children practice conflict resolution. Inevitably, disagreements will ensue during board games, and learning to navigate these situations civilly and patiently is an important skill.

Board Games For Gifted Children Ages 3-6

As with our book recommendations for gifted kids, we’ve adjusted the suggested age ranges to better align with where we believe the game would be most appropriate.

Ticket to Ride: First Journey

This strategy game is marketed ages 6+, appropriate for gifted children ages 3-4+. Fun to play in teams as well as individually. Great lessons on geography and cities in the U.S. Fun for adults and kids, and easy for kids to play on their own too!


Outfoxed is a fun, cooperative board game that is perfect for gifted children ages 3 and up. Gamewright makes amazing games for gifted kids, definitely check out everything they offer. We have yet to be disappointed with any of their offerings.

Rat A Tat Cat

Another Gamewright winner! If you’ve read our other posts, this is a longtime family favorite. You absolutely cannot lose with Rat A Tat Cat for gifted children ages 4 and up. Bonus is it’s fun for the entire family!


Chess is an obvious choice for gifted kids, and many advanced learners show interest at young ages, around 4-5 years old. This set is very high quality, and comes with extra pieces and is magnetic so they don’t tip over when the game is moved. Chess is a great bonding game that encourages patience, memory, and concentration.

Why Do Gifted Children Love Board Games?

Gifted kids need challenge and love diving into complex problems. Numerous studies show that strategic board games help develop problem-solving skills, memory, and spatial awareness.

For gifted students, board games and games in general can play an important role in “filling the gaps” where the traditional classroom may fall short.

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