Is My Preschooler Gifted?

My objective with this page is to list some of the traits and milestones of my gifted child at age 3 and 4 – while Lucy was in Montessori preschool.  I’ve spent a lot of time attending gifted seminars and reading books on learning how to be a better parent to my gifted child.  Just know that parenting and discipline of gifted children is TOUGH, and you’re not alone in your struggles.  The sheer intensity and drive for gifted kids to go 350 miles an hour every waking moment can be draining for caregivers, and cause burnout that rivals the most stressful corporate jobs around. It can be maddening when people say, “Wow, you are so lucky to have such a smart kid!” or related comments.   I have found that parenting a gifted child is entertaining, exciting, and wildly funny.  At the same time, the day-to-day challenges are extraordinary.

If you are having challenges parenting your gifted preschooler, please take a look at the list of gifted parenting books and reference websites that I have found invaluable.

Top Books To Help You Parent Your Young Gifted Child

If you struggle with your gifted child’s intensity level, these books are for you. Sadly, we lost James Webb, the top researcher in the field of gifted education and parenting. His research and books are still the top resources available today and are must-reads if you are a parent or educator of gifted children.

My Gifted 3 Year Old’s Milestones

  • Started helping design her website (a previous iteration of this one) and came up with a very clever domain name.  She read and selected the blog description colors, fonts, and about 12 other attributes.
  • Easily navigates the internet and Googles topics of interest.  One example was toilets (why are kids SO utterly fascinated with toilets, bodily fluids, and boogers?).  She could print, scroll, download information, and find books she wanted to read on the library website.
  • Has own email account, independently writes and sends emails to grandma in gmail.
  • Started learning basic addition (2+2, 3+10… )  Line up physical objects like crayons or cheerios to group and add items.
  • Specific and detailed memories from ages 1-2.  Constantly saying, “Remember when?”  Remember when I was 1 year old and we went to Petco and bought Betty (our fish)?  Remember when I was just a teeny tiny one year old and we went to California and I got avocado all over my shirt?
  • Related things to time (accurately).  Next Thursday, next year, last week, 8pm, 3pm.  Insisted on knowing when everything occurred so she could plan it on her mental calendar.  Today at 6, she continues to be very structured in her time management and planning.
  • Plays Brain Quest for ages 6-7
  • Counts by 10s
  • Fix this sentence:  “Maria is my most old friend.”  Was a little surprised she got this one “Maria is my oldest friend.”
  • Which doesn’t belong here:  skating, sailing, shopping, skiing (right away “shopping!  It’s not a sport!”)  Could’ve fooled me!!
  • It’s 12 o’clock, What time will it be in 1 hour? (Ok, this one really shocked me when she said 1:00.  As I’ve mentioned previously, Leah is very attuned to time, days, etc., but had never taught telling time.
  • How do you spell the number 3? (t-h-r-e-e)

My Gifted 4 Year Old’s Milestones

  • Starts to write “stories” and “books”, can spell fairly complex words
  • Reading Level 4 books and beginning chapter books
  • Can read and enunciate acceptably in multiple languages with little instruction

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