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In 2010, at the age of 6, Lucy established The Kid Story to showcase her beloved books, crafts, and games. Lucy is now a college student at Vanderbilt University! Over the past few years, her younger sister has taken on the responsibility of updating, refining, and improving the site. We endeavor to keep the links, resources, and referenced websites up-to-date, and we hope you continue to find it a valuable tool in your journeys with your gifted children and students.

My Class

My class has lots of people. I am getting a dog in 2 days. I am in my class.

Our New Rescue Dog!

I am getting a rescue dog.  She is a German Shorthaired Pointer.  Her name is Sophie.  She is a very active dog.  Tell us about your dog.  She is at a dog camp so she will learn basic commands.


Hello! My name is Lucy. I am 6. I am in first grade. This is my website. I am going to talk about everything. You can get a username and password on the website. I have a newspaper here too.

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