Monsieur Lord’s Shop of Wonder

Monsieur Lord’s Shop of Wonder

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Langoustine. This peculiar boy lived in London, not to far up Paris, in an old trailer.  He was only 3; he was bold when both of his parents died, with nobody to take care of him.  That is when he ran away, with all his parents’ money in an old trailer.  When he was 8 he started walking around the city. One day, he found a shop that said Lord’s Edibles, and he went inside. He found lots of tins full of different colored water cheese, fish, candy and lots of others.  He found lots of 1 specific, but miraculous, too foods called hunger relief- do not eat for 2 years with 1 dose! He bought a half cupful of hunger relief.

Eiffel Tower

After he ate half a dose, he got really fat! Langoustine thought, it was all a big trick!  All it really did is get people really fat! But wait! He ate another half a dose, and got so tall he stretched all the way to the ceiling! Langoustine was impressed.  He thought since they could do it, why couldn’t him?  He started making the sugary powder of hunger relief.  He started singing.

“Here I am making hunger relief, hunger relief, hunger relief… I love making this because it is so fun!”

It was so easy to make the powder!  He was already finished. He thought- what does this stuff really do to you? He already was trying it. He shrank down until he was normal- sized.

Then came the hunger relief. He was not even hungry and a second ago he was starving!  He went down to Lord’s Edibles again and told Lord, thanks for helping. You helped me make my own hunger relief that actually works!

The End

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