Mom’s First Official Post

So, Lucy made me sign a contract that permits me to officially post until the end of April.  After that, I am cut off unless I negotiate to renew the contract!

For the time that Lucy has given me to post, I’ll try and make good use of it.  We intended this blog to help parents and their high achieving kids make sense of the world.  Even back when Lucy was a baby (she’s only 6, so not too long ago!), there wasn’t nearly as much information available as there is today for struggling parents trying to figure out what to do with their intense, emotional, and highly gifted children.  Thankfully we now have books, blogs, forums, gifted teachers, resources, parent groups, and more to try and help navigate this challenging and interesting space of “parenting a gifted child.”

I think that stories help parents the most.  It was the stories I read in books that helped me understand Lucy better.  Even things I read that didn’t apply to Lucy (like extraordinary empathy – did not have that!), I am now recognizing in her 3 year old sister.  Today for example, we have this huge moth-like (or crane-like as my friend calls them) insects that are invading our town… likely due to the extreme rainfall we’ve had as of late.  These insects look curiously like HUGE mosquitoes, but they aren’t.  Or at least we don’t think they are mosquitoes!  Observing one that had landed on the bathroom mirror during bathtime, my 3 year old – in tears, said, “PLEASE do NOT kill the mosquito.  It’s so cute!  And it’s mom will miss it terribly.”   She was really choked up about this mosquito and how its family will miss it.  Teary eyed!  Lucy never demonstrated this behavior, so it’s interesting that someone like Lucy who is identified as profoundly gifted does NOT demonstrate this common trait.  Just goes to show you that the “checklists” don’t always tell you about your child.

Until next time, or April 30th – whichever comes first, or my contract gets renewed.

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